is the top listing and search site for cabins in the Blue Ridge area. Our mission is to help our site visitors locate the best rental cabins in Blue Ridge, GA and surrounding areas.  Once you find your dream cabin you can book securely on AirBNB, VRBO or directly on the cabin owner’s website using the links provided.  Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy your time in beautiful Blue Ridge ! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team looks for the top cabins in Blue Ridge as we seek to build out the best collection of curated cabins for the Blue Ridge area.  We reach out directly when we see a cabin that meets our standards. 

Unlike many other sites we FOCUS only on the Blue Ridge, GA area.  Our site visitors are looking for your Blue Ridge cabin – why make them sort through 1,000s of other cabins.  Most importantly we know having a laser focus on a specific geographic area is the BEST long term play to build loyal site traffic.  Web sites may come and go but Blue Ridge cabins will be here 50 years from now and people will still want to visit.  Think about it – if you were looking for a cabin in Blue Ridge and saw wouldn’t you give it a click ?  

There are currently no monthly or annual fees to list on  Featured listing fees or a co-operative marketing fee used to drive traffic to the listings on the site may be considered at a future date.  We must prove we can increase clicks to your cabin booking site before we ask anyone to pay for anything. 

Our founder has almost 25 years of experience in search optimization, organic web traffic,  paid web traffic, building backlinks and overall web site promotion.   We are also partnering with local Blue Ridge businesses and Blue Ridge area real estate professionals. We are also planning an outdoor advertising campaign to service the main population centers within traveling distance.

Each month we will email each cabin owner a monthly report showing how many clicks were sent to your booking URL. 

To prevent any fraudulent activities we only link to official sites like AirBNB and VRBO for payment.  After we get to know you and can verify your information we can add a link to your direct booking site if you prefer.   

No. We are singularly focused on one goal which is increasing the visibility of your Blue Ridge cabin.